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Curved katana illegal in the UK? Answered

i am a bit confused about this, some websites say that all swords that are curved are illegal in the uk, but other sites say that if they are forged using "traditional methods" (ie. not mass produced) they are legal. is this correct?


I believe it depends whether or not the blade is sharpened, We do have some cheap Katatnas (Or something similar) in our house however they are unsharpened. They were brought over from Thailand in a suitcase and we didn't get questioned.

 We've actually got quite a few swords thinking about it, some are sharpened WW2 German (Which would do some damage if we ever need use it, touch wood eh?) and some of them unsharpened. 

To be honest if your keeping it in your house I wouldn't worry too much, it should be fine. 

which websites? if you've done some research share it with us.


(type these in to google) blades uk, lmpearl enterprises, bladesandbows

i can't be bothered to Google it if you can't be bothered to post your search results. L

ah it doesnt matter anymore anyways, i have an answer =3

does the L at the and of your comments stand for Lemonie?

yes it's an old habit. but it also stands for my other name.