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DIY DVD changer ? Answered

 Anyone try merging mechanical parts from an old 200 disk cd changer with the electronics from a dvd player to make a 200 disk dvd changer?  I hate to throw out an obsolete cd changer w/o trying.


I have no idea how standard the mountings are for the head mechanism. That's going to be the biggest mechanical challenge.

But there's also going to be the question of how tightly integrated the player electronics are into the rest of the changer system. My best guess, given manufacturing efficiences, is "very", making this switch-over far more difficult. But that's only a guess.

That's a good point.  It might be worth cracking it opening and see what my chances are...

 If its the kind that stores the CD's like a 0 shape...  

I have a idea, but it probably wouldn't work. You could mount the DVD player's reader parts, and mod it so that it all comes out like the CD tray.. and line it up so it would read a DVD, position of your choice. So when you push the eject button, the reader and stuff comes out like the DVD tray, and reads the back of one of the disk changers. 

I dunno..