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DIY Wedding Contest: Next Week! Answered

Whether you're involved in a wedding that's recently wrapped up, just getting going, or still a year off, this is your chance to showcase how you've put your own personal touch on the day.

We want to see everything from laser cut wedding dresses to five cent wedding bands, and everything in between.  Handmade invites, personalized table settings, creative cakes, and awesome decorations are just a few classic hallmarks of a DIY wedding.  So show us what you got!

Even if you're not involved in a wedding, but have a great idea, share it here.  Why?  Because I'm getting married in a year and I need ideas!  Oh yeah, and there are awesome prizes too. 

  Get ready for the DIY Wedding Contest coming soon.  Ready, set, festoon!


Im also getting married next year on the 22 may :) its going to be exciting to get wonderful ideas and to be able to share mine :) are you looking for any particular theme for your wedding?

Congrats!!! And very smart to have this contest - lots of great ideas for you (and others) to use! . . . hard part? Choosing which to go with. I have a hard time with "fun" projects - choosing which way after seeing all the diff 'ables on how to go about it. . .

Wedding flowers are part of decorations right? My family owns a flower store.

Yes! Please do some flower I'bles - I'm terrible with flower arranging!

I think you need something alcoholic.... I'll set to it.

Ugh... this is probably going to be the tenth contest this summer, and still none of them are for me...

What kind of contest would you like to see? We've had a pretty broad range of topics so far this summer, but we're not done yet!

Since I'm pretty sure y'all are right down the road a piece from the Dharma folks (the tie dye people, not the initiative people) maybe you could host a contest with them! Their customer service is exemplary and their range of products is amazingly varied. They've even started carrying felting supplies - for those of us who need to make felted ordinance!


That question might be worth it's own topic...

I'll leave it to you to write one up.

interesting... I know someone else who is getting married in this December. (we are registered at walmart if you want to send a gift).

D'awwww! Scooch is getting married! 'w' ohohoho, i can't wait to see prizes >:D

Grand prize is a pair of tickets to crash the wedding reception?