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What kind of dances can you do? Why? Are you up to the challenge of creating an 'ible on how to do it? I see a lot of breakdance 'ibles, but nobody has posted how to waltz, for example. I can: -- Do a synchonized chicken dance, on a snowboard, while riding a terrain park with five friends. Got my 15 minutes of fame on the local news for that one. -- Break something while dancing, but not breakdance -- Linedance, but I can never find enough people to come up with the rest of the line -- Squaredance (on a good day)


Dances....let's see, I can do the "Hustle" (yes that is a dance and not JUST a song), along with the Twist, MashPotato, and etc. I prefer touch dancing (not slamming) such as Square or Round dancing (Round is a bit more complicated then beginner's square), or styles of ballroom dances such as Foxtrot, DiscoFox, or a few swing dances like the Bugg....but it has been YEARS since I have danced....any instruction I gave would have to be open to challenges since I might get some of it wrong :-)

Ah, I forgot the Twist! It's another one of my favorite dances. You shoulda seen it, when Chubby Checker played the Daytona 500 this year, everyone at our party got up and did the Twist...

I saw Chubby in person on stage in Tamamont (or was it Tamamount), PA It was a lot of fun (though I didn't join him on stage as some other had).

If he ever comes through Denver, I'll probably go see him. To quote Peter Noone: "Every year, KOOL 105.1 goes to www.who's-still-alive.com and books acts for this concert. So here we are."

. Is that the Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits fame?

. That brings back some memories. I got married to the widow next door She's been married seven times before . I'll spare you the rest of my trip down memory lane. :)

I actually like Herman's Hermits. It's one of the few rock acts Mom and I agree on. She went and saw ZZ Top open for Lynard Skynard in '76 or '77 and didn't even enjoy it! (But then again she also sold her '69 Stingray with an ORIGINAL 454! It was one of VERY few. The 454 didn't come in the Vette "officially" till '70).

yeah, amazing isn't it? My seeing him was about 30 years ago :-)

I saw Jerry Lee Lewis about 10 years ago, Man he could still rock n' roll! He threw his piano benck, played piano with one foot, and then played the piano with his rear end!

My dad can do the Monkey, the Jerk, the Twist, the Swim and the Waltz(his mom made him take lessons because he was so clumsy!). That at least made him popular with the girls. Sadly, I remember the Hustle, and the Bump!


9 years ago

  • Linedance, but I can never find enough people to come up with the rest of the line
BTW, as you reach adulthood this problem goes away. You can find clubs and/or bars that cater strongly to itty bitty little niches of dancing, instead of having to put up with whatever happens to be popular at your local school. At least in any metropolitan area, and probably at most colleges.
Folk dancing (including square dancing, which is "american western folk dancing" or something like that) tends to lack the alcohol connection (drinking is reserved for AFTER the dancing!), which tends to open those groups up to mixed age groups... It's a good way to meet people; chances are pretty good you can find a group that matches your "meet vs meat" criteria, from purely social clubs for couples to singles-oriented clubs. I used to have a co-worker who was quoted in a newspaper as saying "[Israeli] folk dancing is great because you get to dance with women without having to talk to them first..." (and, for instance, there are even square dancing clubs aimed specifically at the GLBT community...)

I met my wife, square dancing.

One local restaurant built a barn and has live music and dancing there every night. Our neighbors go there every week, and I drop in every now and then to listen to some down-home pickin' and maybe cut a rug. Besides that, I'm still stuck with "whatever's popular at the local high school." Oh, well.

I'd Like this ible too, nothing incredible, just some moves to fit in instead of doing 80's moves and the robot all night lol

. I've always liked this song. I'm not a Dancing Fool, but it does a pretty good job of describing my (lack of) dancing ability.

Yeah, I could squaredance as a kid, and I can fake a Waltz in an emergency. The only thing I was ever good at was slam dancing (what you kids call moshing)!

"Fake a waltz in an emergency" Well put.


9 years ago

I used to be a pretty heavy-duty square dancer. The puzzle-solving attributes of the higher levels appealed rather a lot. (What, you didn't know that square dancing has levels? Basic, Mainstream, Plus, A1, A2, C1, C2, C3, C4... At C1, you learn about "phantoms" - non existent partners for you to interact with. At C4, you're supposed to know them by name. (I only got to the beginning of C3.) (most of the world dances at "mainstream" level, which is back when it resembles dancing more than puzzle solving.))

Cool! I'm actually rather square-dance-challenged, and only really do well when the caller is sympathetic (and I'm not the only n00b on the floor). But I enjoy it and the local dancin' group hasn't kicke dme out, so i count it among my talents.

It would be hard to get an 'ible out as I have one issue with dancing, it hurts my knee a bit, but after several pints I've been told I'm quite the mover and shaker, no clue how to do it though... I do know lots of clever little dance like things I would incorporate in to conversations... (I feel conversations need interspersed with spinning ladies and such) Umm other than that I can do the twisty thing where you slither across the floor sideways using just your feet. I do merry little jigs now and again but they're not really proper things...