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Decontamination advice for a found Carboy? Answered

I have a nice 5 gallon glass bottle with a screw on lid ( I think they are called a carboy ) which I would like to make into a terrarium or maybe an aquarium. The problem is it formerly contained chloroform. I didn't use the chloroform, I just found the carboy/bottle. How would I go about making it safe to use. I was thinking activated carbon slurry, but thought I would ask here for best advice.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Blow it out with air, chloroform evaporates fairly easily. But do it outside and avoid breathing any of it. L

It has been empty for a while I guess, I removed the cap outside about a month ago. There was a little psst sound like it was pressurized, but no smell. I was more worried about any residual chemicals that might be lining the glass, especially if I used it for fish. Plants would most likely be fine.

I believe chloroform is harmful to fish, but if you can't smell anything it'll be clean. These things are usually of a high purity - but a quick wash wouldn't hurt. L

Since it's glass it will be much easier to clean out entirely. The carbon sounds like it might work. but looking at some epa sites I'd fill it up with water and some dish soap, rinse and repeat several times. Then fill with clean water and let sit for a day or so. That should do it.

Do you think Dr. Bronner's would be a suitable replacement for dish soap, I was thinking about maybe using it for fish.