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Design circuit and program to measure distance and trigger inputs to a computer (Audio/Video) ? Answered

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7 months ago

Do you have more details on this distance that triggers the computer... What is the range.. I need to know the maximum centimeter and any minimum distance of this problem.. Is it in any direction ??

How much time is left ?

No i don't have any more details of this take some min range and distance .
i have one day more

In brief, use a Stamp (more $ but easier programing) or Arduino to watch an ultrasonic distance detector to track a crawling child.. When the child gets too far away, send a carriage return (simulate a keyboard) to the PC to play a call back video with sound...

And you really think I now ask your teacher for the things I need to know and do YOUR homework/project? ;)

Go ahead. Ask questions about your design process as you proceed.