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Desoldering without the right tools. Answered

I am interested in desoldering a few things to get some parts.  However I bought desoldering braid quite a while ago and have no idea where it is.  I do not have the money to buy a pump (no matter how cheap it may be).  So I was wondering if there was anything else I could use or do.  I do own a soldering iron.

I am just playing around with a few project ideas with electronics I had laying around and a few things I have taken out of the garbage.


I pull things off while the solder is molten.


I never seem to be able to get the desoldering pump in at the right angle anyway, so what I often end up doing is applying tension to the component with a pair of pliers while I heat the joints.

It takes longer, but it usually works.

A manual pump is super cheap - like a few dollars. But if you can't go that way, you could always go the ghetto route and just touch the hot iron to the joints to melt the soldered connections. Not the easiest or greatest way, but it works alright.

.  +1.  Expect to ruin a few chips before you get the hang of it. A blast of compressed air will help blow solder away from the joint (assuming you don't mind shorting other places on the board).

The compressed air trick is a good one, but messy...


W00t! I remember when you were just learning how to solder, and now you're giving (good!) advice. Most excellent :-)

Thank you! :-D (I never thought I'd see the day!) The Internets taught me to solder - I'm stoked I'm able to actually return the favor.