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Difference between Paper Clay and Polymer Clay Answered

I'm going to try and make a clay sculpture of my business logo. I'm unsure what to use, Polymer clay or Paper clay? I'm not really sure what is the difference because I'm used to thinking they both make excellent pieces and their baking time depends on their manufacturer. What do you suggest? I use for this project and future projects?

Terresa Waz, Newbie clay sculptor



Hi Terressa,

maybe I am too late for your office project.

Paperclay is lighter, can crack(depends on the brand or homemade), and air drying. Polymer clay is slightly heavier, doesn't shrink or crack and is quickly cured in the over in around 20 mins. It is however is my opinion pretty expensive for larger projects....If the cost point is not to be regarded I would say-go for the polymer clay.

hope this helps.

The main differences between paper-clay and polymer clay is that one air dries (paper-clay) and the other you oven bake) polymer clay. Both work about the same with regard to colors, sculpting etc.

Looking at your logo (three nested "C"s), I think either would be acceptable over the other.

However, when the product you offer is inherently digital in nature, consider what image a hand-made logo conveys compared to a digitally-manufactured piece.

Depending where you are going to display this, and how many you want to make, I strongly suggest you look into getting it laser-cut or CNC-milled in green acrylic, which you then fix (superglue) to a colourless acrylic background.