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Dipped spoon recipe (to stir in coffee). Answered

I would like to find a flavorful dipped spoon recipe for Christmas gift giving.  I have seen the chocolate dipped spoons (with only chocolate and a sprinkling of mint candy or nuts).  I would prefer something with a bit more flavor.  I would add an extract (rum, orange, vanilla, etc.) but I think the chocolate has to harden and adding anything may prevent this from happening.  Any ideas?


How about toffee?

Have a look at this project.

I bet you could add flavour to the toffee, or to whatever sprinkles you use.

 Well, I haven't ever even seen these before (I really GOTTA get out more), but having made DARK chocolate Ganache already, if one does not add TOO much of anything extra, it will still harden if blended well enough. 

I don't recall the recipe off hand, but it consisted of mostly very dark baking chocolate,  some heavy cream and whatever flavoring I wished to use (say amaretto or rum extract).   For a ganache like coating, one could use one part cream to 3 parts dark baker's chocolate (bittersweet). If that does not firm up as one would like, drop the amount of cream's ratio.  Sugar could be dissolved into the cream to firm it up also (especially if one is not so fond of the deep chocolate taste gotten from ganache.