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Do NOT Open This Topic! Answered

If you opened this, Why? It clearly stated do not open. I just want to know. *curiosity killed the cat*


I opened it because I have a deathwish, and opening this is thread is easier than my gun cabinet...

(actually that was an elaborate lie... I just opened it because I wanted to have a look at the 35 posts before mine!)

Well, I'm not a cat, so I guess I'm O.K. ... 


8 years ago


I opened it because I am curious


8 years ago

I was bord

I opened it because I saw someone recently posted to it, and I wanted to know what they had written.

i opened it beacause it said not to if it had said to open i would not have

Authority blows! Down with 'The man'! I shall eat my cake too!

Take that society! *Goes on roller coaster with my hand sticking out of the cart*

with your remaining hand
About that....Apparently society literally "Took that," my hand.
You should make a group for the junkies...Or for people who say, "Take that society," on a regular basis.

*Facepalm.* Why is it that none of my good topics receive CPR, just the bad ones?

Hehehe, we here are a bit devious, i just saw this and said "Hmmm, spamable"

Wanted to see what nerfer had to say....

my nasal cavity is stuffed up

I didn't open it, I swear! My computer has been getting this weird impulse to open stuff that says "Don't Open" lately.... so yeah, now I'm here!

Because it said not to open the Topic. You opened the topic. I just opened the Thread.

LasVegas: you have some terminology wrong yourself ;-)
On ibles, the nested comments lead to a funny naming convention.

This is a Topic. https://www.instructables.com/forum is a list of topics.
Threads, are a set of chained messages. Your comment and this comment form a thread.

I'm going by terminology I see -- I'm by no means "the" correct one, I've just seen them used like this.

Also, this system is similar to mailing lists, and the terminiology matches up.

Still... I didn't open the Topic... I read it. Only the originator can open it.

It's like the big red button. You press the big red button because it says not to.

Because I was never actually here.........

I thought, why not?

humans naturally are curious. If you tell me not to do something, I'llo still do it as longas a there can't be consiquences, such as opensing a forum. If I were to say "Don't think about computers" you will automatically think about computers.

hey you stole mine darn it!

Because I felt like being an anarchist today. :-)

Actually, I thought that you were meaning don't start a huge, unrelated string of comments. cough cough...

i opened it because i thought there were dirty pictures in here....

I was just curious as to why the topic said,"Do Not Open."


10 years ago

because we as human beings are naturaly curious. why did you post this topic? i guarantee the answer is because i was curious or something like that

Hmm... Interesting. But why did i open it, well because rules are there to be broken!

Why did I open it? Because I don't like people telling what do do.

Do NOT read this comment !

1) Because I was curious to know why you said "do NOT open".
2) Because I knew it would be harmless

Why did you read this comment ??? =o)

I opened it to have a look to see why somebody else opened it. Spam? Not sure. Bizarre? Yes.