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Do you mix oranges and tomatoes in the same recipe? How? Answered

How do you mix oranges and tomatoes (if at all)? Any favorite ingredient combinations with these two? I'm working on cold salads, and these two seem to clash a lot when mixed with other ingredients.

Thanks, everyone :)


I've used oranges (specifically blood oranges) in salad. I usually just chop up some and squeeze a small amount of additional juice for the dressing, and its quite nice actually. I find the sweetness is nice if your tomatoes are a little tart. :-)


5 years ago

I should also add that you are mixing seasons here (tomato/summer and most citrus/winter), and that is adding to the problem here.

Very true, and I like your suggestions for a juice (I've thought about making a citrus vinegar as well). I haven't tried navel oranges with cherry tomatoes yet, or sun dried. Thank you for the suggestion!

I like blood oranges for dressings; blood orange juice is delicious mixed with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. The combination might go well with beets or Cherokee Purple tomatoes.

Oranges and tomatoes in the same season is atypical; I live in California, where our growing season is considerably extended.

However, you hold a strong point that certain tomato and orange varietals weren't meant to pair- for instance, Naval orange with Roma tomatoes (and mozarella and avocado) was a big no-no in this particular salad trial.

For others in Northern California, these charts are a great resource for pairing seasonal fruits and vegetables, or deciding what recipes to shop for when shopping at a Farmer's Market.




5 years ago

I like the idea of using juice of the orange as part of a dressing, etc. I would use a Valencia or Texas Sweet for this. Both are sweet juice oranges, but the Valencia usually has more tartness to it. Blood orange is a great idea too, but more tart. A navel orange would be a good choice if you wanted the body of the fruit in the salad because of its more pleasing texture. That might be good with cherry, or even sundried tomatoes. You could also roast sliced roma tomatoes in the oven with a little olive oil, and that might make an interesting combination with oranges. Maybe they could be together in a salsa or garnish too. Always look for smooth skin on whatever fruit you choose when buying citrus.

Orange, lentil and tomato soup is fantastic.

Whoa. Sounds delicious. Where do you find a recipe for that?

My first job when a teen was in a small lakeside cafe. It was one of our most popular dishes. I'll write it up one day.

The orange JUICE for the acidity eek fruit does not go. this is like chopped.

Hey FlatLinerMEDIC. My salad (sliced navel oranges and tomatoes...) definitely turned out like Chopped. It's a great TV show, as long as it's not in your own kitchen. :)

Oh neat! I love blood oranges. These were from a backyard tree with big, juicy, sweet oranges. I'm not sure of the variety.

I was using orange slices (prepared the French "supreme" method) but they clashed with the heirloom tomatoes. These tomatoes were very soft and had been on the vine for a bit. Both acidic fruits were on the sweet and mushy side, and it was not a good mouth feel.


A thought....if the juices are clashing a bit in your salad, maybe try really ripe cherry tomatoes with the orange slices.

Ooh that's an awesome idea Goodhart!

Do you think a sweeter orange like navel, or a tangy orange (is tangerine an orange, per se? I haven't thought to look these things up), or a small orange like a clementine?

I probably sound persnickety, but I'm really into salad, and I love getting ingredient pairings just so.

Thanks for all the help :)

I am not sure, but if you have some on hand, tasting one, then the tomato should give you an idea of how each will blend in the salad. My personal opinion would be to lean towards the sweeter oranges to give it a mild sweet/sour taste.