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Does anyone have the instruction sheet with music for Mattel's Magical Musical Thing which came out in 1978? Answered

After several moves we lost, found, lost, &  just recently found again our Mattel's Magical Musical Thing, we unfortunately we have completely lost the instructions for it.  It uses a 9-V square battery.  It has different colored and numbered buttons on the face, both upper and lower on a blue body.  I have found the instrument on the internet but can't find the instruction booklet nor music for it. All of your help will be deeply appreciated. Thank you very much, Jean

P.S. I have pix, I just need to figure out how to get them off my new phone, if you need them please let me know.



7 years ago

Here it is:

Unless someone here has the book probably your best bet is to watch ebay.  These things still come up pretty often and lots of them have the manual.  Sometimes they go for very little. 

Think how nice it would be to have the manual AND a spare.

Good luck.

I couldn't find anything online except other people trying to find copies of the songbook and expired eBay listings, and I've got mad Google-fu.