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Does anyone know how to reset one of these locks? Answered

i found this lock in an old box from when we redid our house and its in good working condition and i know the code to open it. but the code is easy to guess and i want to change it but i cant figure out how to


First unlock it, then take the 'n' (above the black box with the numbers) and turn it 180 degrees, push it 'n' in until you hear a 'tkkk' kinda sound and enter your new code. When changing the code, the rail of numbers should feel as if it's gripped a bit, if it's not press the 'n' a bit harder. When you done entering the code, lift the n up and put it in the slot! :)

Hammer! No, don't do that. What brand is the lock?

I think my reply may have skewed what people thinks he is asking.

Note what chip is asking:
"I found this lock in an old box from when we redid our house and its in good working condition and i know the code to open it."

Open it and stick a rod down the hole next to the shackle. then dial the com. you want and pull out the rod. The hole might be in the bottom. Make sure you remember the com. because you need it to reset the com.

Well, if you do lose the combo, you can always try opening it by randomly trying combos.

AH! But you may say "That is nigh to impossible! There is a giant number that I wish I knew how to calculate which says how many different combination there are, and I know its a lot! NO ONE CAN DO IT."

Fun fact:
I was once able to open one of these locks by randomly tumbling the dials.

I randomly turned and tugged the lock. No dice. Then someone came up to me and said "Robert, you'll never open that lock. Put it down." And then, BAM! The lock unlocked. However, since one one could ever open a lock in this manner, this shows that I am a nobody...

I wonder if being a nobody exempts you from taxes...

But yeah, remember the combo. That was a one in a life time occurrence.

No, because "Nobody" pays as much taxes as the government thinks they should.


8 years ago

Unlock it, then hold it with the numbered tumblers to the left. Turn the shackle 90 degrees toward the opposite face and then push down and hold the shackle. Reset the numbers to whatever you want, release the shackle, note the combo and then relock. The new combo will be at whatever you set it at.

Burf, I'll bet you're right.

000, 001, 002, 003, 004...........................................................................997, 998, 999 OH LOOK ITS OPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!