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Does this merit a new Instructable? Answered

I haven't seen a guide on how to roll a paper cone anywhere on Instructables. I only recently figured out how to myself, so I figure that there must be some people out there in the same boat. I've taken all the pictures already, but I figured that I'd ask here first.

There is this Instructable, but I think that there are several differences. (Side note: How do I make a list?)

1. I analyze several different kinds of paper, and determine the best paper for a variety of desired effects.
2. I describe how to load "warheads" into a dart, (Q-tips, toothpicks, etc.)
3. I compare different ways of "setting" the dart. (Glue, tape, spit, etc.)
4. I explain how to roll darts of different dimensions.
5. I provide solutions to a few common problems.
6. I describe the proper technique of "blowing" into a blowgun.
7. I offer a few alternate uses, including something inspired by this Instructable. (I think we all know where I'm going with that one.) :P



11 years ago

Even if there is already an Instructable on a topic it's still fine form to do your own version. You'll probably have a slightly different take on it, emphasize different aspects, take different pictures. There's no single right way to do things. That said, it's even better to read the existing Instructables and try to add to the discussion, just like you're planning to do. For bonus points, link to the existing Instructables as cross-references.


11 years ago

if you don't make an instructable out of this you should at least post your findings here so we can check out your tips and tricks