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Dog barking! Police summoned! I need ideas. My dog barks for an hour when I leave for work in the am.I am desparate!!! Answered

What I need is some sort of cover for my doggy door that I can have on a timer set to open 3 or 4 hours after I leave so my dog can come in and out her door at will for the rest of the day?


The 1st and most valuable step is to thoroughly establish the bring about. Barking is a properly natural behavior and dogs bark for a number of motives. In spite of this, excessive or nuisance barking may likely be due to boredom or loneliness. For some canines, it is a "learned" behavior, reinforced and rewarded with attention or treats that proprietors mistakenly presume will pacify the puppy. Identify the events that trigger nuisance barking and remedy the predicament. If that is not feasible, a bark control device might be an method. Using dog training collars can also work if used effectively.

That's unlikely to solve it.

This is a training issue. Fido has to learn that barking at everything in sight is not acceptable behavior. Obedience school -- which is mostly a matter of training you how to train your dog -- is worth considering. If that fails...  the collars which shock a dog if it's being excessively noisy probably would do the job. (I don't like them much, but given that similar technology works for the "invisible fence"...)

I have tried Everything mentioned here including a dog behavior specialist. citronella collars, toys with treats inside electronic devices that emit high pitched sounds, We have more than one and one dog triggers the other to bark.  dog and the other neighborhood dogs all join in. My dogs rarely bark when I am at home and have been trained. What I need is what I asked for. I was just trying to make a long story short.

OK.: Put a solenoid latch on the dog door, put the solenoid's power on a timer, set the timer for the times of day when you want the door to be operable. There's a bit of mechanical design in making sure the door reliably centers where the latch mechanism will engage, but that's solvable through some combination of springs to help the door find the right resting position and size of the hole in the strike.

That will do what you've asked for. I hope it will achieve what you need. Good luck.

I agree with Orksecurity.
But a collars are available that do not shock the dog.



These work by spraying a tiny amount of citronella scent into the air which causes the dog to sneeze maybe once.
When she went to work, my friend used one on her dog  because of complaints from the neighbours; after a while she didn't even need to refill it, just putting on the collar was enough.
She is a very good dog owner and these collars are not cruel.
She always let the dogs have a good bark when we went for a walk.

Woof Woof Achoo.....

Elegant. If it works, I'm all for it. Definitely worth trying before resorting to anything more painful.

But the ideal first step is obedience training. That's actually good for both dog and owner.

LOL that's a fantastic alternative to the shockers!  "achoo" made me laugh.

true. you should give the dog also someting to kill the time. toys, food, music etc