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Dose anyone know where i can get free plans to build a seaworthy boat? Answered

I want to move to Hawaii and am looking to build a boat to live on and use to move down.  It needs to have a place to store a motorcycle and room to live comfortably while still being easy on my wallet.  I was thinking of using a truck engine for power and a 2 stroke generator with a plywood hull like older boats.  to keep cost low and arranging the living space like an RV to make best use of the space.  i will be grateful to anyone that can help


You could tie a load of old tyres to an RV and launch it...

Or you could shell out a few dollars on proper plans as Prfesser said.

i might be a red neck but not that bad haha

On second thoughts buy one - second hand if necessary.

I am guessing that if you don't know where to get boat plans, your not a sailor. If you intend to cross the deep blue you really need to get some serious training in, this is going to take time. be prepared.

ya the construction isn't a problem i just need floor plans and measurements the other part of building it is i could put a ramp and storage on it so i can just ride my bike up

Go to the library :)

If you go to the library---especially a smaller-town library---you might be able to find something there.  Old Popular Science/Popular Mechanics 'Encyclopedia of Something-Or-Another' may have something that would be satisfactory.  I have a copy of one such encyclopedia and it has half a dozen boat plans, though nothing like what you're looking for.

Old issues of PS and PM are on the web.

I'm not trying to be snotty but think about this for a moment. You would like to build a boat with very specific materials, a boat to which you will be entrusting your life for an extended time.  If you're expecting to plunk down about $10,000 for materials for a boat, paying one hundredth of that amount for a complete set of plans that are just what you want is probably a really good investment.

Good luck!