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Electrochromic polymers (color changing fabrics) help!!! Answered

Hey guys, i just joined the forums. I have a question i really want to ask. Is there a type of fabric that can change color (a desired color) by running a current through it. Like i want it to be red and then blue then another color? Or is there a way you can make a coating on the fabric that can change color by diffusing a colored light through it? My ultimate project is to make shoes that change color to match you clothing. Something that fits every occasion. 



6 years ago


That would fit the bill to a T.

Thiophene monomers might be illegal to manufacture or possess in a residential type setting though. you'd have to look into the laws in your area.

Furan is a controlled chemical, and it's very similar in chemical structure to thiophene (the individual monomer of the compound), so focus on Furan specifically when you look for laws regarding the manufacture of polythiophene.

I might have seen somewhere coated fabrics and inks that respond to heat changes. If you search hard enough somebody has probably invented a way to stabilize the chemical changes with heating coils or electricity.