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Electromegnetic Levatation Glove? Answered

I've seen some devices which use electromagnets controlled by microchips (like this https://www.instructables.com/id/Electromagnetic-Floater/) to levitate small objects. I'm wondering if that same technology could be put into a sort of glove, allowing the user to levitate small metallic or magnetic objects, and maybe even pull or shoot* them?

It would have a small electromagnet in each fingertip, as well as a larger one on the palm. All electromagnets could pull upwards on the object if the palm is facing down, and the object was below them. Only the fingertips would pull if it's facing up, and the object is above the palm, (but slightly below the level of the fingertips)

The problem would be sensing where the object is, and adjusting the power of each magnet based on that position, and the the position of the electromagnets.

*using actual magnetic repulsion would be tricky, but you could, say, have the object sit in the palm of the hand, with fingers outstretched,  then have it attracted to the electromagnets in the fingers, which turn off just as it passes by them. It retains its momentum and shoots out.

So, if anyone want to confirm if this is feasible or not (or even want to make it), please post!


the one in your link uses a visual sensor instead of the linear hall effect in my link

http://zeltom.com/emls.aspx this is what u mean? I just had the idea of buying this and fitting it into a glove but for it to float below. but for it to float above the hand would require four or three of the electric magnets to balance the floating one. and you would reverse the polarity of the magnets

I am currently working on something similar but having one on each finger and a palm i do not think is possible/practical mine is based one having several low level fields on small adjustable arms attached to a disc on the palm. where their fields cross over is the FOCAL point, as the arms move forward and backwards it shifts the focal point allowing you to (theoretically) push and pull ferromagnetic objects.