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Embed instructable in website? Answered

Is it possible to embed an instructable on my weebly website ? If yes , how ?


Hello, yes it is possible. I have a Weebly web page and I have embedded my instructables on my site www.bits4bots.com I have a page where I share free projects. What I did was add an image to my page and under the edit option you can link the image to an URL. There I pasted the exact instructable that matched.

Hope this helps. Feel free to see how my page is set up and works :)

If it's not your Instructable make sure you have the proper permissions from the author and follow all the stipulations of the license it is published under (share-alike, non-commercial (that means no ads on the same page), attribution, etc).

I don't believe there is an API that allows embedding at the moment. You could bring it up in the appropriate forum topic where an employee might see it.

Thank you , i'll try posting in the forums.

I am not familiar with Weebly but it depends on the editor on my websites I post an image of the books I write then imbed a link to the publishers website where you can buy my book in the image. this is good for wholesale and retail sales.

And for retail sales I post the logo of the seller and imbed the link in the logo like the Barns & Noble logo with a link imbedded in the logo to the Barns & Noble webpage where Barns & Noble is selling my book.

You do this by highlighting or selecting the image or text then clicking on the link icon in the editor and filling in the link address in the editor box.

In this website I just imbedded the link in the text American Star books.


It should be no different for an Instructable.