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The Inferno: Next-Gen Shifle I added a few more pictures to it - I'm not done with the top part or the slide, so those aren't on there yet. 5/6 Update: pics 4 and 5 are updated pictures of the Inferno. 5/15 Update: Then again, Its not really an update, but a picture, check out the sixth pic! 6/9 Update: The barrel in the pictures will NOT be the barrel on the gun. I'm planning on using a different barrel that focuses on power and accuracy. It IS possible with a mag to have as much power as any other single shot gun. 12/7 UPDATE: The gun is nearly completed, and has been dubbed "KI28s2." New pictures coming along the way! Another thing, the gun will not use the system explained in update: 6/9 because of lack of space in the design, but that will be a future project. 12/8 UPDATE!: NEW PICTURE OF INFERNO! 12/9 Update: New pictures of the Inferno and it's trigger system. The Instructables robot is on there too! 12/25 Update: BUILD YOUR OWN! On K'nex Innovation!


awesome drawing, who did it?

yo' momma. nah, jk =P Most likely, mepain did it, he signed it and everything.

lol. oh. ok. i saw the sig, but couldn't read it.

Actually, its the same thing. It doesn't matter if it's on the top or the bottom of the gun.

meh, loosewire called his pistol slide-action, thats why i said this was slide-action

So much fuss over such and old topic. Either way a slide and a pump is practically the same thing with knex guns so it shouldn't really matter.

Kill this link!

You mean how much force can it hold? Quite a bit. enough for the Inferno, but there is definitely room for improvement!

OMG!! Thank you so much I have been looking for a compatible trigger system for 2 years and now I can finally fire my shotgun!!! Thank you : D

It has a sear. I personally don't recommend building this though, It completely failed for me and I built it 2 times.

hi great gun definately want to build it!! the only problem. i am not ki member and when i try to register i get an error help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You're meant to get one. That means that it was a successful registration.

Could you get a close up of the magazine system?

There are instructions on KI.

Are you planning on Posting it on instructables?(P.S.- Just curious, I already built it through KI.)


10 years ago

i mean mech


10 years ago

i build this gun on knex innovation and i have one problem. the sear ,ech doesnt work well for me.the 2 white rods dont block it good. how do you fix it?


no, i mean on instructables, knex innovation wont work for me, and everytime i try to log on, it freezes. JEEZ!

Knex innovation wont work for me can someone send me a link or sumthing. Thx


10 years ago

umm...mepain? is my silent pistol good enough for knex innovation? it's my first,true trigger, silent,and a grey rod length


10 years ago

thanks for posting this gun on ki I just finished it today and it works fine.

How far does the gun shoot? Tommorow, I will choose which gun to make, the Inferno or the SR-V1 based on power and design. Sorry, but right now, the SR-V1 is winning just by the total range it has (I would rather build a gun with "okay" looks and a really far range, than a gun with awesome looks and a magazine". If the Inferno goes atleast 50 ft. I may build it. Justa heads up.

I built this gun and it is really cool and I also love the trigger system. But I am having a bit of difficulty with the firing pin and I was wondering if you could just post a picture of the firing pin because the elastic is hiding it. Tank you and I also did not build the but yet because I wanted to fix the firing pin first.


Looking good. I'll see what I can do for the pin.

Thank you, I appreciate it.

Release date?

Methinks me will need to decide between SR-V1 or Inferno......

Meh... too little time to work on things. The date is gonna be somewhere in January.

please post on the 24th. my break ends after that.

Yay! When does your Christmas break start? The last day of school for me is Thursday.

Sweet. Did you have veteran's day off?

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Not a holiday, a holiday is a day when school is not in session. Which it was, but basically, yes, what you said.

Well all that was from wikipedia. I was too lazy to give my own explanation :{

As far as I know, his profile says he lives in "BRIMINGHAM, ENGLAND", so I would assume not.