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Entering an Ible in a contest that was published before the start date Answered

Hey, can anyone tell me how to enter an ible in a contest that was published before the start date of the contest? I know that it can be done somehow as I have seen an Ible that had won in a contest a year earlier and was entered again in a recent contest. It was the same ible by the same person. Did they just completely recreate the ible and delete the previous one? 


If you published an instructable before the start-date of a contest, the only legitimate way to enter the contest is to rewrite the instructable anew, including significant improvements over the original write-up.

Old Instructables should not enter a contest, especially not after already winning an older contest.

The only contest where "old" projects can be entered is the Hallowe'en contest, and even then you must have published it since the previous Hallowe'en contest closed.

I wanted to enter small spaces contest so I created and published mine on the day that contest opened(contest was listed under open contest) and I cant enter, anyone know why?

It might be a time-zone issue - contests run to Pacific Standard Time, because the site is based in California.

If you're not sure, drop an email to service@instructables.com and ask.


3 years ago

Only the Halloween contest allow older Instructables to be entered. Other circumstances are when an instructable is updated, though I imagine it would need a considerable change made to it to be eligible.

Thank you. I have update a couple of mine before but it has not changed the posted date. So it must need a complete overhaul for that. I'm just upset I missed the start of the contest by a couple days