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Explain it to me like im five.... Answered

i'm thinking of starting to build home made guitar pedals. but i have ZERO idea where i would start! i dont know how to solder, or anything about schematics, or any of that stuff. if you have any information about building home made pedals or th like, just drop a line, and you can help this n00b know what the hell he's doing


Like you're five?

Put that soldering iron down! What have you done to your father's '52 Goldtop???

You said "like I'm five" - if you were five, and trying to make an effects pedal, that is probably how our conversation would start...

It was supposed to be a joke.

oh. right over my head, man. sorry :S

okay, i got a new problemo. you guys know about those neat little plaques on the front of wah pedals, right? i was hopping anybody would know how to print stuff on to those plaques. cuz i could probebly just scrape it off with a scraper, but printing letters and pictures, though...

Ok, you want to start a lemonade stand. Your parents give you five dollars. It turns out that you only spent 4 dollars. Instead of giving back the dollar you could spend it on something else. If you give it back your parents will think it only cost 4 dollars, so next time they will only give you four.

so what your saying is i need to spend that extra dollar? ON GUITAR STUFF?!

Sounds like a good plan to me. It's just what are you going to get for a dollar... I know, an extra e string...

It's a quote from "the office" of Oscar explaining to michael what a surplus is.

awe, dude. you gotta see it. so in your last message...you mentioned soldering, and school, and being vague, and you'd continue... :D?

My apologies, I forgot about that. guyfrom7up answered it for me though.

Well, I'm not him, but this is my comprehensive all you need to know session!
Get the book Practical Electronics for Inventors
you can get it fairly cheaply on amazon, it's blue and has a lightublb on the front.
best video of how to solder ever:

Quite honestly, I think that's the best electronics book, I've goten several and some of them are junk. I learned from a book and I think that book is the best, other books: actually, I think I made a list somewhere, look around. I think kruser had a topic.

give a hoot read a book -I'm guyfrom7up, and i approve this message-

like, for example, where would i find parts for effects? but not like the insides, i know about small bear electronics, i mean the cases and stuff?

Guitar effects boxes can be housed in anything you want. You might be able to squeeze something in a large altoids tin. The same electronics suppliers should have various plastic and metal enclosures. You drill or cut out holes to mount switches and jacks. You can even put your stuff in a wooden box or a plastic bottle. For pedal type potentiometers, that might be harder to find so you would have to rig something up by modding some rack and pinion gear or shaft arrangement. Good luck.

well yeah, but im talking about LEGITIMATE pedal casings. like altoid tins arn't REALLY gonna hold up against a foot stomp or be used a s a wah pedal.

Say it louder and someone will make an Altoids tin stomp box just to show you that you can. And you could probably take an old clamshell flip type cell phone and turn that into a wah pedal.

well im not saying you COULDNT make it into a pedal, i just think youd have to reinforce, somehow. and were getting a little off topic. i dont mind continuing our conversation/argument, just do you know any websites that sell empty shells to be used for effect pedals? or would i just have to go shop hunting?

No need to get our strings wound too tight... Sorry, I don't have any sources for the effects pedal parts. Seems there are a lot of other forums devoted to building these though and should reveal some vendors. Just search for it.

sorry about my strings being in a twist :P yeah, im sure there must be a least on good forum.

well NOW i just feel like a dummy thanks for lowering my self esteem a couple notches down :D

Well, first thing first, start with learning how to solder, and how to read schematics. Then go out and find some schematics or wiring diagrams of pedals. I apologize for only being able to be vague, but I need to get to class soon. I will try to help you more later.

i wonder where im going to learn all THAT :P wikihow. thats where :D