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FPV Quad-copter Build? Answered

I want to build a Quadcopter with some specifications:
-GoPro Hero3 Mount
-Additional wireless onboard FPV camera
-About a 2 mile range
-GPS to return to certain location 
-30 minute battery life
My budget would be around $200-500
Is this build possible?
If so, is my budget enough? or is it going to cost more?
May anyone help me on the specifications on the hardware (Motors,ESC's, Flight Control, GPS)



4 years ago

there is no way you could build it for that little, what your talking is going to cost you around 750-1000

You really really need to go to http://www.flitetest.com and look at their videos on how to do it.


4 years ago

The gps will probably cost $100 or more and the FPV camera is most likely to be over $60

You will probably want a lipo battery to get a long life and they cost around $60 on eBay. The go pro mount costs $30 on eBay, So there is $250 gone in extras and where are you getting your frame from?


Hobbyking X650F Glass Fiber Quadcopter Frame 550mm

The frame costs $2 and you will also need your own 4 channel transmitter and receiver

Multi-Rotor control board

20~40A brush-less ESC x 4

3S 2200~3000mAh lipoly battery

28-XX/35-XX brushless motor x 4 so add up that cost and there is your price!

I think the copter will be plenty strong enough to hold the extras.