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Favorite Sport/Team Answered

What is your Favorite Sport, and your favorite team?


Three sports and three teams for me:

Rugby (Union) and Wales!
Formula One and the McLaren F1 team.
Football (soccer) and Manchester United.


7 months ago

I like all kinds of sports, but I live and die with the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League.

My favorite sport is Basketball and I am a fan of Golden States Warriors.


My favorite sport in Football and my favorite team is Real Madrid.

My favorite sport is soccer, and my favourite team is Real Madrid.


Basket ball and LA LAKES.

packers brewers blackhawks

also the drivers lose about 5 - 10 pounds in the race

it does so.
depending on how hot the track is it may get up to 150 degrees inside the car.

The driver loses 4.5L of sweat in a race.

Ho-lee HELL. AND, they feel 500 pounds of gravity during every turn.

But I actually hate racing and find it stupid and boring.

but not physical ability. which is what a "sport' needs.

well okay. it doesn't take much physical ability but its still cool and the driver has a hard time...

i like soccer, columbus crew(mls) and germany (fifa)
btw nascar isnt a real sport

They take a lot of skill. Shooting not as much as Nascar, but to hit a target at 400 yards.....

no the internet lies, plus its all an opinion not facts, mine just happens to be correct.

Whatever floats your boat. I'm gonna keep thinking they are sports and you can think that they aren't.

Softball: The Chicago Cubs (Yes, I know they're a baseball team, but I don't have a favorite softball team).

Yeah, I was just establishing that so there wouldn't be any comments on how the Cubs are terrible and they should be a softball team etc..

Baseball and football, for baseball I like the O's and the Red Sox, and for football, I like the Giants and Seahawks.


9 years ago

Football Woohoo go Minnesota Vikings!!!!

Target shooting, basketball.