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Ferrite Beads Answered

I want to make one of those joule thiefs and I live in the USA. I don't know why I want to make it, I'd never need it/use it... BUT I MUST HAVE IT!!! I'm looking for tiny ferrite beads (toroidal shape) that are cheap (less than 10cents a piece). They CANNOT be leaded


yeah Inow, but when they're that small a lot of people just call them beads, and I found some freom west florida component company.

. From what I can tell, what you are looking for are called ferrite cores, not beads. All of the ferrite beads I found were not toroids (go figure).

please help, this if for the windbelt project (but I forgot to make it in the group's forum)

oh yeah, I'm using the ferrite beads to wind a transformer if you're woundering