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Finding good Trash! Answered

Check out this AWESOME resource for finding good dumpsters!


It's a brand new website in its infancy, so sign up and start adding your info!
(started by the excellent folks at http://casarobino.org)


Great link; I will keep an eye on this. The closest place they reference though is about a 3 hour drive. There aren't many dumpsters in my immediate area really. And it can get sticky pulling something off the street trash areas.

Yeah, it is really amazing what people throw away... I found a working PC laptop in great condition in the trash!

Are you wearing socks with sandals?

it depends on your neighbors. mine do trash pentium 4s and 21 monitors due to blown fuses

Awwww, no Sydney AU.... Well I better get started locating good dumpsters.

I guess Stars' 5 minutes of fame isn't over yet.

thanks star; this'll be posted to blog.makezine tomorrow!

cool! got a link? I'll pass it back to the folks at Robino

I'll put my sis onto this site. She's an art student in NY, and has inherited my obsession with dumpster-life!