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Fire Balls? Answered

Hey, I'm back. Well, I never left, I just never came on Instructables. I'm on the forums on BYMC all the time, though. If you go looking for me, I am known as Alt Ctrller on there, and AIM.

Well, i was surfing youtube, and I came on this video, and I was dumbstruck. How are they not burning they're fingers? What the hell? So I scanned Google for the burning point of Ronsonol Lighter fluid, known as Naptha and white gas, campstove gas, and coleman fuel. No results.
It looks like he made a round "wick", and thats it. But how is he not burning himself? My ideas:
-Burns really low(relatively)
-heat rises, no burns
-no contact long enough
-he's high and he can't feel the burns
-he's just stupid
-a combination of any one of the above five

What's your take? I know I'm going to try it, I like risks....
But what about denatured alcohol? also known as meths and methelated spirits....?would they burn too hot?



8 years ago

Yeah This is real... I've been making them as a hobbie. It's great! It works because the cottons burning temperature is really low. The thread around it is to keep the cotton from unraveling and The lighter fluid is to keep it burning...

the guy who made this actually posted it as an instructables but if you search for it as an instructable it wont come up but if you search "all" it will come yup .

Because it's a video. Duhhhhhhhhh. Now I'm going to stick a square peg into a circular hole.

Hahahaha. Notice though that I said a square peg into a round hole, but if you found a square dog to stick into a circular hole, I may agree with you.

though doing that is possible if the square is smaller than circle

all of the pegs have the same volume and the same height and regular shapes, it is impossible.

if it is like that then it is impossible

Again. Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhduhhhhhhhhduhhhhhhhh.

have you tried using an axe to enlargen the hole just a tad?

Awe come on. You guys are ruining the point of my comment. It was a video

Like vernors said, there is an instructable on how to make these. the comments say a little on how to hold them. I can do it, just keep them moving and don't completly cover it with your hand.

I saw this a couple months ago, here's pretty much the conclusion: You MUST use COTTON everything, not synthetic threads. you must use that liquid you probably have to have calosese

hey, is zippo brand lighter fluid the same thing? i think they both petrol, but i dont know if ronson has lower burning temp or anything so...let me know

i dont know what you consider petrol. Crude oil>Petroleum Distillates>Gas, diesel, naptha, etc thats how i understand it. Actually im not sure if naptha comes from oil, but you get the idea. Zippo brand lighter fluid is naptha, as is Ronsonal.

oh, sorry, i was thinking of a flamethrower i saw using petrol. your right thx

Oh definitely, if the fluid didn't start to dissolve the "fabric" (nylons, Dacrons, etc) the flame would. Sticky hot melted plastic on one's fingers is NOT fun.

ha, no it's not i could always use my Kaowool. Rated to 2300, but will go WAY higher. I need to find that dang fluid...

me? i dont want to burn myself, that was the point of the forum post. i could hopefully find out if someone knew how this was possible WITHOUT burning myself.

yay, guys new avatar is....... wait, TESLA. CHEAP SHOT!!!!!!!!!! cool. but im still the master of the tesla coil.

It is more of a effect of the flame rising (read: flame can't burn down) that protects him...

Have you ever turned on a propane torch, then passed your hand through the flame without incident? You can even do it with a welding-temperature oxyacetelene flame if you're careful. You can also use Purell and light your hand on fire for a couple of seconds without burning yourself. The guy in the video isn't letting the fire balls linger longer than about as long as the hand-on-fire trick will work, so I figure that it's mostly that he's not giving the heat the chance to build up.

Rishnai, let me warn you now, I was working on the liquid fueled jet last night and had a back fire, full force jet flame shot across my hand for no more than a 1/4 second, I was at teh doctors this morning, given as much flamazine as can be put on... They had to lance the blisters then disinfect, I have no hair in a line up my hand and my index finger has scroched skin right up it, when it happened it was actually black...

Ouch! I hope I never have that experience first hand. The closest I've ever come that that was having some of the alcohol run down my arm on fire without me noticing, and it gave me a pretty nasty burn. That's why I stopped doing that trick!

it's actually come out pretty well today, it just looks like really odd scars now, except the index finger has these kinda ridges up it where the skin contracted under heat... Minor nerve damage, says the twitchy tingle will leave soon, it's just when I move my hand certain ways...

maybe you should find safer hobbies. but you win most scorched for this month lol.

You left "leprosy" out of the possibilities.

where do you guys think they'd sell lighter fluid like that? I think i have some Zippo fluid like that somewhere, but I dont want to waste it..

I saw some hanging out in the "bottled flammable gasses and other related fun" section of Home Depot. Or whatever that section is really called. By the MAPP and propane cylinders.

i checked some MSDS's, and they told me what I needed to know. I wanted to see the difference between charcoal lighting fluid and the Ronsonol:
ronsonol MSDS
Kingsford lighter fuild msds
Basically, the ronsonol is mostly naptha. The other fluid is some other stuff that i dont feel like spelling.
So I guess naptha burns cool? where would i look to check this?

damn that hurts. Denatured alchohal burns wayyy too hot! I need to find some lighter fluid....Will grill lighting fluid work? Like for charcoal grills?

Meths burns with an almost invisible flame - stick with lighter fluid, and keep some iced water handy.

Jimmy Carter did this, it's in an autobiography of his...