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Firefox has issues with Instructables? Answered

Hi there,
I am on a MacBook, running system 10.6.8, using Firefox v 29.0.1. When I go to various instructables (I checked out the "nettles" one and the "corroded battery terminals" cleaning one,, I cannot download the PDF. It asks me to sign in, and then asks me to sign in again, not acknowledging my having done so. When I went to the "Forums" page, the upper right hand of the site DID indicate that I was signed in. I found using Safari I could download the files I want, but I prefer to use Firefox. This has been the case for a while now, even through a few Firefox upgrades. I am assuming that others are not having the problem?

Sorry to be writing to you via this means, but couldn't figure out how to do so on the "bugs" page, and it looks like no one has written on those pages for 2 years.

Thanks for your help on this.



Best Answer 4 years ago

The bugs forum is *much* more active than that (within the last 2 hours), and is the best place to post problems like this, because the development team monitor those forums, whereas these questions tend only to be read by the general membership.

Use this link to start your report:



4 years ago

I have the same log-on difficulties and usually log-on using the Facebook option, Although several years back log on was easy to log on with ibles using ibles.

BTW you need to be a Pro-member to download a PDF here.




4 years ago

Thanks everyone for your speedy replies. Next time this happens I will try clearing my cache. I forgot to mention I was a Pro member.

Sometimes Firefox needs a Ctrl + F5 refresh which forces a fresh page serve and not your local cached copy.

First of all you gotta be a pro member to download the PDFs.

The other issues you are having are Java related. Clear your browser cache and it should clear things up for you.