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First Tesla Coil Answered

I purchased a small tesla coil kit online.  The kit is working but I need help improving it. Instead of having the typical primary and secondary windings with a toroid on top it has the driver circuit pulse a 50k transformer producing a 1 inch spark.  I'm wondering can the output of the transformer be connect to a typical primary windings and secondary windings with a toroid on top?
I have a link below to the schematic.
Also if this works would you recommend 1000 or 2000 turns on the secondary and how many on the primary?  30 or 36 gauge for the secondary?

Link to schematic

Here is a link to the tesla coil  picture. 

Thanks for your help.


Sorry dude you bought a HV transformer with a driver circuit, not a Tesla coil at all.

I had a feeling. Thank you for taking a look.


4 years ago

OK .... I looked at that circuit and it does Not generate Safe Tesla RF !!!
It only kicks the pulse transformer to generate a DANGEROUS Voltage on the secondary
just to launch sparks to ground..

you need consonance at Radio Frequencies in order to generate the High voltage
and high frequency..


consonance ==>> Resonance ...... sorry