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Flash games Answered

We all get bored at some point, right? Or we just want to slack off from school or work. So we play games we call flash games. Some of them completely suck, while some could have been sold for a price and been insanely successful (might be exaggerating a bit there). My point is what are some of your favorites? Personally I liked The Last Stand, Unreal Tournament, Tanks, and I can't remember any more right now...


Hah! Those are all hosted on the same site as Staggy the Boyscout Slayer!!

Whoops, didn't hit enter between games. That is not one link, but 4 links, they are still seperate.

Look on Ninja Kiwi or just search for Bloons. Desktop TD 1.5, BoomsticK, Tanks, Platform Racing 2, and Dodge are good. The best one in my opinion is Fancy Pants 2. (It just needs more levels.)