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Flying RC panes, Mustang P51-D Answered

This is my almost new Mustang plane. It is really cool but I could use some advice as I have never flown a large plane or a plane with gears before. Anything would help and could you post a video of YOURS if you have a similar RC plane. Thanks.


I'm not exactly an expert with R/C aircraft, the only one I've ever owned I managed to crash into the only tiny little tree in the whole three-acre field, which was of course a honey locust. That said:

If your controller is able, set it for low rates, i.e., smaller control surface deflection for a given movement of the stick. This will make it less maneuverable, but also less sensitive, and therefore a bit easier to control. Just from the picture, I don't think that your controller can handle that, though.

As a followup to the above paragraph, use subtle inputs. If you want to pitch up, don't just yank the stick back to the stop, gently and smoothly nudge it back a bit. Save the jerky aerobatics for later.

Find a field bigger than you expect to need. If you have enough space, you can pretty much just cut power and land (or gently crash-land) before you run into the trees. If your space is too small, you will be constantly trying to turn to avoid trees, and be too busy to learn to fly the plane.

You didn't say how much experience you have, but just remember, pretty much every plane flies the same way, just with different numbers.

The only experience I have is with 2 or 3 air hogs planes. That is why I posted this. I can keep it straight to take off but right now I am a little to afraid to fly.

I've already given you about as much advice as I can. Use a nice big area so there's less to crash into, and be gentle with the controls.

I have one other question. My remote doesn't start the motor until I put the throttle up a forth of the way. Is this normal and is there somthing I can do to stop that?

The little sliders next to the sticks are the trim controls-basically, they modify what is considered a neutral position. They should all be centered for your first flights-you adjust them as necessary for uneven control surfaces. If the trim for the throttle is off, then that might be the cause. Try playing around with the throttle trim, and seeing if adjusting it gives you power sooner, or more power at the high end.

I have a plane similar to the one above. CameronSS covered most of it, but I would like to add a few things. When attempting your first few flights, it is best to perform simple maneuvers. Once you get comfortable with the controls, you can attempt simple aerobatics. When attempting your first few stunts, it is important to be at a nice altitude with some good speed. Here are a few sites for electric rc flight: Wattflyer and RC Universe. Good luck and happy flying!

Well, the one that I own is capable of loops, rolls, and other aerobatics, therefore yours should be able to also. Looking at the specs for similar planes, yours should be more than capable of performing a loop.

I believe they work better with the whizzy bit facing forwards, and the rolly bits underneath. Apart from that, it's a tail-dragger, so get it up to speed, and when the tail is up, give it a boost and lift it into the air "flat", rather than climbing at an angle (says my brother in law, who flies (real) light aircraft and seems to know these things).