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For Sale-- Long Range Wireless Networking Equipment --- New and Used Answered

I worked with a local business for 2 years helping to set up and maintain a long range wireless network system to provide DSL internet to rural people. It reached over 75 miles from end to end with several offshoot branches. The owner applied for an extension on a Small Business Incubator loan that had come due and for some reason they said no. They called in the loan and he shut everything down because he didn't have the cash to cover it. Anyway, 2 years later and the dust and lawsuits have settled and my former boss has asked me to sell off all the salvaged and new equipment for whatever I can get for it. Much of it is going to be going on E bay. But before I start with that I thought I would give the instructables community a first chance at it.
I do not yet have a full list of the equipment, some is still out in the field yet to be recovered, and the rest is on its way to me from our former building to sort and evaluate. If you are interested please leave a comment and or send me a message. Some of the new radios will sell for a fair amount, although not as much as if you bought it from the manufacturer. Some of the well used but functional stuff will sell pretty cheap.
What is included :
Our radios have a reliable range of 25 miles, with directional antennas. The picture is the mast on my house. Some radios are 2.4 MHz and some are 5.8.    The 2.4 which is the standard frequency used for normal wireless served as client radios. The 5.8 ones we used for long reaches to connect the backbone. They can act as bridges in a network or as access points. All have built in router functions. It takes 2, one to send and one to receive to make a network bridge.
What can you use them for?
They can link up buildings across cities or towns or anything that is in line of sight. We set up an Omni from the internet source and then tasked the surrounding radios to it. One central omni radio can connect with 200 or more clients.
The local  school district uses this same technology to link all their buildings together.
With just a couple of them you can link your house to your friends house miles away, and have a local LAN with them. They would work for extending LAN game play. You can link your house to your barn or shop or whatever and share your internet  through a router. There are lots of possibilities.
We have the radios, the antennas, the cabling, even antenna sections, but I don't know if those can ship UPS. We have it all and its all going to go, which is sad to me but good for you.
Possibly the biggest plus is that I will provide you with some tech support to get it up and running if you decide to get anything. I can also pre program the radios here so they are matched and set to link up for you once installed.
So, let me know if this is of interest to any of you.
I believe the shipment of these radios is limited to the US and Canada but I can check into that if you are from outside those areas.


Where are the items now?

Some readers may want to come and view / collect.

These items are not cheap by any stretch of the imagination....the last place I worked used something similar between the two "companies" and the cost of maintaining it nearly bankrupted us.

I sold a matched set of pre programed and updated Tranzeo TR-6600F with 2 onmi antennas and cables for $500.00 to a law office so they could connect their office to the court house. Our labor for setting it up cost more than the equipment. Its working perfectly at this time.
I have at current count, 3 used TR-6600 F. Also I have 9 used and 2 new still in the sealed box's of the TR-5Plus -Nf. There will be a lot more. One relay station that we haven't pulled yet has 6 radios in it still.

Specs on the TR-5 plus series.

After thinking about it I thought I should give you a little more detail on the lawyer's setup. Why would a lawyer want to be connected to his office? Well, by extending their LAN using these radios they are able to have their own secure wireless available to them in the courthouse. The receiving radio is connected to a wireless router at the courthouse. They can use their notebooks to connect to the office and use their own secure internet. In addition they can even print from their notebook to a LAN printer back at the office. And they have access to NAS file storage. Its like being at their office. And since its all their own secure network they have much better protection than if they had to use any internet provided by the courthouse.

It's not just the radio hardware, though - imagine the climbing frame you could build from a few sections of that antenna mast!

Just one would make the coolest possible ladder to a tree-house or loft space.

My tower is only 40 foot, some we had were 80 foot. The fun part is climbing up to the top to install and align antennas. We used safety gear and a harness and were clipped in. We never had an accident, not even in winter when stuff was ice coated.

There are some radios that don't work very good. We were in the process of switching over to all Tranzeo radios. We found them to be very reliable.
One really big factor is to get all the cable connections water and weather tight. Just a tine bit of water and it causes big problems.

We use/used this tape, Scotch 2228, for sealing connectors, it is self fussing so when you wrap it around a wire it literally melts to itself and seals everything. Just to make sure we then wrapped it with vinyl electrical tape.


North East Montana. its a long way from anywhere.