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Free Boat Building Classes in Berkeley Marina Answered

Free Boat building Classes for Youth Mon.-Wed. from 3 to 7 p.m. at Berkeley Boathouse, 84 Bolivar Dr., Aquatic Park. Classes cover woodworking, boatbuilding, and boat repair. 644-2577. www.watersideworkshops.org


thank you kiteman,does'nt hurt to ask,LOL

im no youth but would like to stopp by and observe your work any chance

Since this is a six-year-old posting, you'd best contact them directly to ask.

aww thats on the entire other side of the states shucks

Your still better off than me, Theres a whole ocean in my way...

Darn, Don't u EVEN start to think ur country rules me

Umm, not at the moment, they're in 2 feet of snow some places, and we're no lower than 30•C for maximum temperatures, anywhere. BTW, can you say hi to Spook from me?

Lol, I meant that in a different way, but okay

How the &#%* do you know my dogs name, It feels like he's famous And yes I will say hello to him from you.

What, no cardboard boats?