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Free Instructional Illustrations Answered

I want to create some instructional illustrations for an instructable to be published here. Who's? I still don't know. There will be no cost to it. Just tell me about the instructable that you are working on so we can work through it.

How does it work
The illustration will be based upon a photo. You will take a picture that you want to use in your instructable and I will vectorize it by tracing over the image. Then, I will send the vectorized image back to you so you can publish it.

The work rights will be under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0). That means that I just need you to put my name on the credits of your post. I will use the images in my portfolio and/or will be published on my website.

About Me
I am a graphic designer and web developer that decided to join the United States Coast Guard a few years ago. I loved my job but I wanted to do something different and serve. I love what I do now but I miss designing so much that I've decided to do it for free. I guess is still serving the community.


Awsome drawings, mabye you could posts some drawing Instructables :)

That's very cool, and very kind of you!

i was wondering if i cld make an rc car from computer parts

is it possible to make a pc car out of dell laptop parts

is it possible to make a pc car out of dell laptop parts

I just glanced back on some of my -ibles. Sometimes a photo was poorly lit, out of focus, poor choice of camera angle, cluttered background. All these are things I try to consider while building and snappin pics. But alas, sometimes a ball gets dropped.

Doing a better line drawing for changing the cam angle would require fair understanding of the project. Are you up for doing my -ible on cheap rockets?


Good idea. I'd like to see cross sections of certain wood stoves on this site. You'd havta get the basic info of internal workings from the author, tho.

Please don't take offence, I applaud your will to help others, but what would an illustration based on a picture add that the picture wouldn't convey?
Perhaps it would be of greater use to make illustrations based on a description or sketch. This way it would be possible to convey information that has not, or can not, be caught on camera ;)

None taken. Sometimes is easier (and more stylish) to see an illustration. There are no distractions in an instructional illustration. Now, you have a very valid point. I did not include the option of sketches or descriptions. I can do that too. Thank you.

Style and simplicity... That's where illustration often wins - ever had a go at IKEA via pictures? much less obvious what to do - had a particularly complex table from there and took pictures of disassembly, months later I tried putting it together from them and it just wasn't as simple...

I've used illustrations from photos a few times, most especially when the original image was quite cluttered, and I wanted to focus on only part of it.

Consider biology texts - without diagrams, it would be nigh on impossible to interpret the content of a photograph of the internal organs of a human, or the structure of a cell.

It could be useful for very difficult to photograph items such as reflective surfaces, steamy cooking, low light snaps, items/steps with poor contrast between the items and background. Could be very useful for people who took a couple of photos while making it but need more to expand on it.

The following Instructables were a lot of fun to make yet I don't think the photos that I took for the title images do them justice. If you had any ideas you'd be welcome to try sprucing them up or adding some artistic license.


For the Screaming Trash Bin, I can vectorize the image the trashcan with the lid open and add a more dramatic screaming symbol! Plus the title somewhere... Added a very rough draft.

The other one is a little more dificult because you alredy have CGI images... It can't get clearer than that.

draft screaming trashbin.png