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GE washer mod. #WJSR4160D0CC I like to soak our cloths so I stop the washer & the timer still runs can hear it clicking? Answered

I have a GE washer model #WJSR4160D0CC.  When I start a load I like to soak our whites for a few hours so I stop the washer after it fills up and spins for a while and let them soak.  After I stop the washer you can still hear the timer running and clicking is my timer going bad?  My husband says it should not make this noise at all once I push in the knob to let it soak.  Once the washer runs through the full cycle it does not make this sound.  Is it going bad?  Any thoughts?  Thank you.


The quickest and easiest way to stop it would be install a on/off switch into the power cord that runs from the wall outlet to your washer! That way when you flip the switch the timer will have to turn off! Check with your local hardware store they should be able to walk you through a simple switch install!

Had you thought about turning it off instead?


It's probably that the timer motor is still running but the timer gears are disconnected from the motor.  Like putting your car in neutral.  I wouldn't worry about it.

.  That's how mine works. When I pull the knob out, the washer stops but I can still hear the timer motor purring.