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GPS question: Swapping a SirfstarII chipset with a SirfstarIII chipset Answered

Does anyone know if it's possible to swap out a GPS chipset with a different one? I have a broken GPS with a SirfstarIII chipset, and I also have a Pharos iGPS-360. The Pharos uses a sirfstarII chipset, which really blows. So is it possible to swap out the SiftstarII with the Sirfstar III?



10 years ago

Would that matter? Couldn't I just solder some connections into the pins I want?


That still depends on the pinouts ...

Chipset's pinouts are an hardware interface.
This interface may change with newer versions : there may be new pins, and some other pins may be different.

It may be like trying to transplant a human arm on the body of a monkey. =o)

You could find the answer to your question by finding the datasheets of these chipsets. =o)