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Get the LED Out! speed contest is Finished! Results later today! Answered

The Get the LED Out! speed contest is closed for voting! We need to go over some of the votes and make sure that everything is cool and we'll be announcing the winner later today.

As a reminder, the Ratings, Pageviews, and Random winners in the Get the LED Out! contest will win $75 in LEDs from Phenoptix, aTV-B-Gone kit from Adafruit Industries, and a robot t-shirt.

Current standings:


Oh yeah, its 6:15 in Maine.

AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH the suspense I can't handle it, just tell us the winners!!!!!

Can't wait, just got home from school.

HELP! I live in Maine and can't figure out when they announce the winners.

Sometime in the period you refer to as "Feb 14th".

I'm in the UK, it might be tomorrow for me.

Checks results. Rats.

I am Home from school sick today so I am really looking forward to getting the results. I have a fever and I don't really have the sensation of taste so even ice cream/sorbet does not taste good. :( Also my fingers get really really cold so I have to were hand warmers.


10 years ago

Oh? .....how do i choose what to vote for?!? 0_o

Vote for everyone! That's about what I was doing before I realized that I probably should keep my voting a little more restrained since I'm in this contest. :P

Just because you're pulling ahead in the ratings!

Why can you never think of a diabolical plan when you actually need one?

Diabolical plan, eh? A common household material can kill you, it has been infected with a deadly virus. Find out which one when you vote SC!

Oh no!. Not the soap!

I just finally figured out what SC means...

What's it mean? :-/


So I'm SB! And you are...l3

How old are you?! :) I'm sure the world will keep going if you don't "win" :P


I think you're right, I'll calm down now. Just as soon as you've rated my entry ... =D

If you rate mine, +1, then I'll love you forever I mean... *cough*... rate yours +1. :-)

Now, wouldn't that be a little self-defeating?

Yeah, I guess. It doesn't matter, because a few days ago I already +1'd it.

Speed contests are sort of sad in the fact that you get to watch your Instructable die slowly. :P

The evil eye, The evil eye
Just one look, and you will die
There's only one cure
Thats for sure
It's a vote for this guy!

The "vote now" link on the front page is broken. You can use Fungus' links above, or be more efficient and use this spam sorry, this link.

Hahaha, very clever Kiteman, but both of those links are also wrong, this is the link you vote with.

hey, how do you vote for people? cus im new at the contests and havent't done anything on them yet.

Voting is counted by positive ratings. So click on the '+' button on the top of the Instructable.


Just wondering, how did they come up with the word spam for... you know.. spamming?

Oh, so many excellent projects!

Crosses fingers and hopes for luck in the random prize

Yea, I also got my fingers crossed.... I got 3 chances in 90 to get the random prize. Those odds are bad :-)

Spam1 and Spam2 and Spam3

I like the clock idea, but I won't say so officially for a couple of days yet... ;-)

Remember a vote for me is a vote for me. Ps vote for me!

darn i forgot about the deadline!!!!!!! i guess i better vote.