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Gizmondo Answered

Has anybody here got a Gizmondo I ask because Ive just ordered one. :-)


The Gizmondo was a games console released by British company Tiger Telematics about 2 years ago (I think). It feaured GPS (with optional satnav), SMS and MMS (Texting), video playback, a 0.3MP camera, SD card slot and of course gaming.It also ran on Windows CE 4.2 but this was covered up by the gizmondo gui.

However homebrewers over at Gizmondo Forums have hacked the Giz in order to enter a Windows CE mode where you can use the os to its full potential. This has allowed many games to be easily ported over to the Giz some even for the Gizmondo gui. Also work mainly done by lister of smeg (a guy at the forums) has allowed many Sat Nav programs to be Ported onto the Giz such as Route 66 Tomtom and many more.

Here in the UK i've seen Gizmondos go for £40 (~$79/80) delivered with CoPilot (the Gizmondos Sat Nav program, which is meant to be v-good).
It will probably cost a bit more in the US as far less were released there.

The only downside is that Tiger Telematics went bust soon after the Gizmondo was released prtially due to the manager being involved in a big car crash and also because the Gizmondo had a very high retail price (£230).

Personally I am going to collect my giz at 10am today (GMT), so I'll let you guys know what I think.

cool! ive never seen them in stores in the us but i bet i could get one off ebay

You could get one off ebay (probably have better luck with UK or french ebay and finding one with international shipping. They were briefly in U.S stores but Tiger Telematics went bust very soon after the Giz was released there.