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Glow in the Dark collars for Kitties Answered

This is my first actual post though I've loved the site for a long time now.

Anyhow I have two new cats, beautiful friendly, I love them to bits. The only trouble is they are very dark furred and there's been a couple of times they've hidden in plain sight. Me and my fiance are both worried about stepping on them I thought some glowing type collar would be cool. I've been searching the web for an answer and I can't really find anything so I decided to make one of my own.

I have limited experience with electronics, I saw the post with an ewire I think it was called collar for dogs. I should be able to figure that out however the cat collar would be much smaller and I don't think it would comfortably sport the battery unit.

I ditched the idea of glow in the dark paint (flaking and the cats probably wouldn't appreciate the fumes). I considered some glow-in-thedark hot glue.. but I don't know how to do that without making a collar look lik ea stiff, plasticy, mess. Maybe weaving some of the glow in the dark plastic laces into a collar kinda like the paracord bracelets?

Anyone have any other ideas? Anyone heard of some glowing material or even glowing material dye?

Thanks :)


We have three black cats who love to sleep in really stupid places like on the stairs. We just have to be really careful, even with a luminous collar I think we'd still miss them in some places.


7 years ago

I think even a 9v would be too big, and without having a power source I think I'm kinda limited to self emmiting glow like glow in the dark. Even if It only last a few hours (hoping that long) it would be something. After searching forever.. construction safety glow in the dark and reflective tape seems way too expensive. I've been considering this [ http://cgi.ebay.com/Glow-Dark-Iron-green-5mm-square-studs-72pc-/200381689123?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2ea7aded23#ht_1252wt_679 ] but I have very little faith in iron-on. I wish I could sew it on rather

As I mention to Mr. Phikset, I don't know how much concern attaching a high voltage power supply to your dog would generate; personally, I wouldn't want to. A whole bunch of small, hight output LEDs would do just as well, and need a much lower voltage/amperage source.

Most dyes/paints/plastics that glow in the dark have 2 major problems with them.   If you've ever tried to throw a "glow in the dark" Frisbee at night, you run into the first problem.....it only lasts a few minutes. 

The stuff they used on watch letters YEARS ago was known as RADIUM and although it glowed for long periods of time, it dosed you with low level radiation that was not healthy.

The mentioned "Frisbee" problem also goes for the plastics used for glow in the dark key chains, etc.   The material used in glow sticks, that glow when the innards are bent/broken so the the materials mix, also only last from a few minutes to an hour or so. But they have to be replaced after each use.

EL wire would probably be your best bet depending on the battery pack / power unit you can find, however longevity of use may become an issue as I am unsure how long the batteries would last on something that small.

Attaching A/C to a dog collar might not be the best thin in the world.

Personally, I'd use a few small bright LED's and a 9 v battery and pack would do the trick .