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Gluten Free Category Answered

I believe there should be a gluten free category in the Food section much like there is a Vegan section. Having to go through hundreds, if not thousands, of recipes to see which I can and cannot make for my gluten intolerant family and friends is a little disappointing, considering how widely spread such an allergy is. I still do it of course, and I enjoy seeing all the delicious looking things, but still slightly bothersome.

Thanks for the amazing site that has entertained me and given me wonderful ideas for years.


I think that a flaw with this is that gluten free/vegetarian/dairy free/vegan apply to a lot of Instructables. An Instructable can only be in one category which means the type of food cannot be described by the category because it's in the vegan/etc category.

Perhaps the use of keywords should be used more. If you search for gluten free, how many do you find? How accurate are the results?

About the only thing I find with gluten free as a keyword are deserts. I have seen things in the vegan category as well as the drink category before, so I think things actually can be part of 2 categories. The community would probably think to tag something as gluten free if there was a visible category for it, for instance, how many people would think to tag something like a basic salad vegan every time unless there was something staring at them in larger font(category names)?

I'm pretty sure an Instructable can only be in one category. Sorry. I will point the food editor at this thread so she can take your comments on, they make a lot of sense! Perhaps you could start a gluten free group and add every gluten free Instructable you find to it. Then it would be easy for others to browse too?

Or maybe a gluten free guide?

Or that :) The advantage of the group would be that you could let other people you trust add Instructables to it.

Ah yes. See, stuff like this: what a guide is, what a group is, how they work and what the difference is... that kind of thing is not at all explained on the site, or if it is, I haven't found it. Which works out the same in the end, so it's much of a muchness, isn't it.

PS Beer caps were sent out yesterday!

Also, so long as people use keywords correctly, you can find some useful ways of browsing the site:

Gluten Free (and for when people don't use keywords quite correct)
Dairy Free

You can easily build of those web addresses to see all sorts of different keyword combinations. This is a really useful way of navigating the site if you know exactly what you want.

Additionally, if you have a list of gluten free recipes that don't have those keywords, someone can add them for you so others can find them :)