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Go Go Gadget Forums! Answered

I want to be Inspector Gadget for Halloween this year, replete with a bunch of cool Go Go Gadgets. I was wondering if any of you have some ideas or suggestions. What I'm really looking for are plans for exploding messages, extendable hands, and maybe even a hat umbrella or helicopter (non-functional, obviously).


What you need is a list of his gadgets.

Select the ones you most like, then find out how to make them.


10 years ago

Here's a nice animatronics hand, at least. Shouldn't be too hard to put that at the end of a scissor extender...

extendable hands are easy put a slinky up your arm and a glove over the top i like to use the pull my finger thing then jump away and watch it extend

A fedora with helicopter blades and handles... awesome :) Add a tiny tiny low torque motor for effect :p I like the extend able umbrella thing... Personally, I'd put a boxing glove on the end :)

You could use one of those expendable umbrellas with a fake hand attached to the end instead of the umbrella part as an extendable hand.