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Good Arduino book? Answered

I'm an Arduino layman, but eager to get started.
Are there any good Books available with the basics in them?



Best Answer 7 years ago

www.arduino.cc -- check out the playground.

has reference, examples, wiring diagrams, and sample projects - not to mention the vast support forums. Funny that an open source community developed a dev tool and also created tonnes of support matterial.

Download this free PDF written by one of the forum people.

Should be at the bottom of the pages relating to the starter kits.

I agree that the web is a wonderful gateway of resources for the Arduino. It is where you will get most of your info once you start. That aside, I have found two books that I have enjoyed about the subject.

When I was first getting started and knew nothing about the subject, Massimo Banzi's "Getting started with Arduino" encouraged me to dig deeper. This book is very inexpensive.

Once, I started working with Arduino, I found Tom Igoe's "Making Things Talk" to be an extremely useful book.

I hope you pursue learning and experimenting with the Arduino it is wonderful fun.