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Good free PCB CAD software? Answered

I would like to know if anyone has a preference on what PCB software is any good. I know Dave from the EEVblog uses altium Design, and recently made a video for a simalar bit of software that was free and designed for the hobbiest. I have heard of Eagle, and I did use it at one point, but I did not really like it, it just has too many limitations. Any other good (preferably open source or community driven) software?


I am using the free version of Eagle. It works great, but limits you to a 100mm x 80mm PCB design. Also only double sided designs. As long as it is used for hobby purposes (non-commercial use), it is still free.

See http://www.cadsoftusa.com/download-eagle/

Much of the IP required for PCB design is owned and code-wise, often quite costly to produce, so it's not as easy to find good software for free.

Surprisingly there is a sizeable list of potential choices at Wikipedia in the entry for Comparison_of_EDA_software at


DesignSpark offer a version of EasyPC, which is a relation to Pulsonix, another high end PCB cad system

Altium is just awful to use. Truly vile user interface

"Altium is just awful to use. Truly vile user interface"


(although I still love P98 ... so simple and yet still so effective after all these years in producing schematics, user-created parts, and final artwork, though I haven't tried to install on my w8.1 machine yet, and ten is a guess for any old software)


3 years ago

It is not free, but Circad is the very best in my world.

Back in he we used Eagle for all our needs but I guess that progra is long dead...
But tere are still other and free options available:


And of course 123D:


I guess the problem with these circuit design programs is that you have to get used to using them and that you have to find one that suits your needs.


3 years ago

I have used Fritzing in the past and it is OK though I would like to explore other options.