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"Growing Earth" theory ... Answered


I was wasting some time on Google Video, and I found this one.

This man believe Earth (and others planets) are expanding ...

According to Wikipedia, this theory is not new, and is serious. After all, if the Sun (and stars) grows, why not the "core" of planets too ?


The reason why stars grow and planets don't is straight forward.   Stars are made of gas and can make heavier element via nuclear fusion in their cores.  Fusion is caused by the gravity wanting to implode the star, while the expanding gases want to blast it apart.  The equilibrium of these two forces in influenced by the mass of the star which is why higher mass stars have shorter life spans.  Where your lower mass stars live longer.  Planets, on the other hand cannot make "new matter" in their cores to change their mass.  Anything below stellar mass is stuck whatever amount of matter accumulated during accretion.  Simply put, Earth like any other planet has a set mass budget that CANNOT be altered, unless it were to collide with another object of lunar mass or higher.

It really isn't so new an idea, and those that claim it is discounted offhand have not read much. For instance, the book "The Big Splash" tells where the excess water on earth came from. There are loads of books on cosmic dust collection from space and on the earth, moon, and other planets increases in mass.

Beyond crying conspiracy, what always gets my goat are those that cry "no one else knows nor ackno0wledges this". Horse hockey.

Are there any takers to this one too?

. I tried placing a penny, a nickel, a dime, and a quarter near my cell phone's antenna and couldn't feel any repulsion (or attraction); certainly not enough to levitate a playing card and coin. But maybe the upright batteries and CD concentrate the radio waves somehow. . Knee-jerk reaction is that it's a parlor trick/illusion (ie, invisible string).

Without researching it at all, I would give this one a very near 100% chance of being fraudulent ;-)

You tried duplicating this? Cause that would tell you something right quick. Even if you could duplicate it, I wouldn't think that this would be zero energy. I mean those old electronics guys did all sorts of fool experiments with electricity. Be surprised if they missed this effect.

Hm. Never heard that theory before. Makes sense to me. I don't follow, though, how how of necessity Mars, and other planets must also be exhibiting this behavior. Though, if true for earth, I could say it's probable that Mars does this as well. And I don't understand how this would affect our understand of subatomic particles, unless he is implying that the earth is becoming more massive and not simply less dense as it grows. Cool. Thanks for posting. It's funny what doesn't appear in science textbooks for fear.

. Very interesting, but I have a tendency to discount those whose shout conspiracy. And his conclusion really rubs me the wrong way,