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How Many Pieces?-Contest: Winners Announced! Answered

Hello everyone! Now that I finished Cataclysm, I decided to hold a contest. And, first prize is a 3-month Pro membership!

After a week of demolishing and counting, the grand total is28,538! Here are the winners:

1. fishgish509-28765

2. firebombfury-28000

3. sprout_less-29,500

Congrats to the winners, and thanks to everyone for entering the contest! :-)
Special thanks to Hiyadudez for designing the patches for me.

I posted some pictures below of Cataclysm's deconstruction, and the piles and boxes of pieces.

The contest is simple: just post a comment below and guess how many Knex pieces are in Cataclysm (pictured below). The 3 people who guess the number closest to the actual number will win!

-Only one guess per person.
-If you guess the same number as someone else, the person who guessed it first will count (so don't guess a number that someone else already guessed).

1st place- 3-month Pro membership, and a patch
2nd place- Patch
3rd place- Patch
All the patches will be different (one saying first place, second place, etc.). I will be providing the patches and Pro membership.

The contest ends in a week on Sunday October 10th.

Good luck! :-D


Lol, I'm on my new Ipad!!!!

22,573 is my very rough estimate

that was probably my closest guess to anything ever


7 years ago

lol you should have made a time lapse video of dismantling it, then playing it in reverse so it looks like you're building it. Would have been interesting to see :P

I've had that idea for some time now, except in stop motion. I'm going to do it with my next ball machine. :-)

looks like there are other people who like to be exact. :-)

Yes, I like it to be exact. (and I think this is wrong Enlish, but I don't know how to say it correct :-) )

You spelt it fine. BTW don't forget to post your guess. :-)

I already guessed :-)

hehe. I like that one. !-)

Congratulations! my 100th comment!

That was a late reply. lol That was my 888th comment. TRIPLE DIGITS!!!! :-D

8) *help! my nose is gone* :-)

It's from a comic called Calvin and hobbes


She's just an obnoxious little girl in the comics. She's not real. I was really imitating calvin :-)

I know, I was just kidding, haha. I've read most of the Calvin and Hobbes comics.

My teacher gave them ALL to me on CD. I read them all the time including now. :-)

As in the computer puts them on a file, I open the file and read them. :-)

Oh, you read them from the computer. I was thinking audio since you said CD.

Yeah. I can send the file to you If you want.
I can give it to you on saturday.

I personally like the books better, but if I want the files I'll tell you on Skype.

Too bad you won't be on till Friday, I created that group I was talking about.

yeah. Time differences are pretty annoying. I'd have to go to school when you call. Speaking of school I chose Ice skating for sport electives. It was my first time ice skating and I didn't fall over. :-D Go me!

I'm also doing Ice skating... only for Ice Hockey! one of the few sports you nearly can't do in the Netherlands. :-( (nearly forgot the nose)

I'm not good enough for hockey yet. I can barely control my speed. Can you do soccer in the netherlands? :-) (I remembered the nose)

lol. It's not as hard as some people say. You should try it sometime.

Actually, just skating is easy. It get's a lot harder if people try to tackle you (or smash you against the boarding) and that kind of things.

Ow. A friend of mine is a professional and he was going at top speed and then skidded to a stop. Shards of ice flew all over the PE teacher. :-D

That's fun to do :-). I'm also doing that kind of tricks.

I can't do that yet. I want to though.

Yes, I can do soccer here. (there are at least 4 clubs at every city!) But I don't like soccer.

WHAT!?? Soccer is the best sport in the world! What's wrong with you.

Nothing :-). I'm fine.