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Guitar Amp Static Answered

Following up on my other thread with soldering, I managed to get my circuit for a distortion pedal all wired up.  I've got the clean end working, and nothing at all on the distorted end, but I'm not concerned about that just yet.  On the clean end, I get a really annoying buzzing sound, like when you turn the amp on with a cable plugged in with no guitar on the other end.  What would be cause of this?  Possibly outside interference since I haven't actually put this into an enclosure yet?  This is the schematic I followed..


and the sound from my amp is similar to this..

No, it's not the amp that's the problem because it works fine without the circuit.


.  That is 50/60 cycle hum and comes from the power lines. Something on your amp is acting like an antenna. You may be able to find it by poking your finger on different spots (make sure they are low voltage spots and not mains) on the circuit. When the hum changes, that probably your antenna.
.  Another possibility is a bad filter capacitor.

The hum changes pretty much anywhere I touch the circuit, it gets louder when I do.  So that would mean that's what's acting as an antenna?

.  Double- (and triple-)check all your connections. Reflow all solder joints that look the least bit suspect. Confirm that grounding/shielding is intact and working. Problem will probably be on the low-level side (input and preamp) or input to power amp.