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HELP making a 3 speed bike Answered

how can i make a 3 speed gear change bike, instead of 18 gears i just want three


The quickest way is this- On each of the front and rear mechanisms (Derailers) are two limit screws. They are marked L(low) and H (high). Front mech- Put the mech onto the middle chainring ,(Using your gear changer), and screw in the limit screws until you feel resistance. They will keep the bike on this middle chainring only. You now have 6 gears. Rear Mech- Put the rear mech on the third largest cog ,(Using your gear changer), and screw the L screw in until you feel resistance. Put the mech on the second smallest cog ,(Using your gear changer),and adjust the H screw in until you feel resistance. You now have 3 gears. This may not be exactly what you wanted but its quick cheap. A bike shop could do this in about four minutes. Anyway sorry for the rambling explanation and good luck.

Mate you can ramble on as much as you like because i understood loud and clear it's a change normally something is left out , i have obtained a 3 freewheel cassette thing to suit (hopefully) as the wheel i have is not standard so with your instructions i can fit it and adjust the gear thingy to perfection never stop rambling someone usually benefits i thank you so much you are heaven sent Kind Regards Maccaorgordon