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 Please i am really looking forward to an appropriate answer. The main concept behind my question is that:
The internet usb is attached to a single computer , other computers should be allowed to access data and as well as internet throw the computer to which the broadband USB is attached.


connect USB to one of the PC/Laptop and then share internet from that PC using hotspot sharing softwares via wifi ;-)
like connectify. go get it.

Pizzadox747, i understand what you are referring to. For others, this is what he is talking about. Its a pen drive/ flash drive like device which you plug into you computer and connect to the internet. Now his question is, if he plugs it into a computer, he would have internet only on that one system. He would like to share it with other systems, maybe through wifi or something similar.


I think you are mixing your terms.  Internet USB?  Do you mean a cable connection? 

Does the extra computer have WIFI card/connector and software for connecting?

Are you sure you have a WIFI transmitter?  Has it been activated?  Locked out?

 NO! i am not mixing two things i am talking of getting a broadband usb connected to a WiFi router so other computers can access files, internet,data transfer and etc, while a usb is connected on of the PC's which would be acting as a server. How it could be done?

Try buying the device and reading the instructions.  If it's a usb device, it's an add on that should be easy to use (usually automatic) or come with simple directions. 

What you might be trying to talk about is making the base computer into a server. 

Seconded. There's no such thing as "internet USB". Step back and describe what you actually have, and what you want to do with it.

 bro in pakistan we have broadband usb (known as internet usb) through which we can access internet while sitting anywhere.

Odd. USB normally stands for Universal Serial Bus, and refers to a particular kind of connection between the PC and peripherals (the "USB port" on the computer). Best guess I've got is that what you have is either something else using the name "USB", or a slightly garbled translation of a broadband modem that plugs into the USB port.

If you're saying that you have a broadband modem with only a USB connection (i.e. no ethernet port), you will need to plug a USB router into the modem. Connect the computers to the router either wirelessly or using cables, as appropriate.
The other option is to ad-hoc network the other computers to the one with the internet connection. That can be rather inconvenient as it requires that the main computer be turned on and connected in order for the other computers to have internet access..