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Halloween Postcards are arriving - show 'em off! Answered

I just got my annual Instructables Halloween Postcard in the mail. I think this is number 8 for me, and it was still just as exciting as the first!

Has yours arrived yet?

When it does, please stick it next to whatever you're making (Halloween-related or otherwise), and snap a photo.

Share the photo below with a comment about whatever you're making, and I'll do a random pick on Halloween and send that person a robot t-shirt!

Here's my postcard, propped next so some hunks of metal I was welding together to make a cart for my new welder:


My postcard is hanging out with a bird skeleton and a tarantula! :) Happy Halloween!


Thanks a lot, I got mine. It is placed on a bench I made last week as a gift for my Mum.


Here's mine with some nuts and bolts in a glass bottle.

2016-10-13 12.51.20.jpg

AHA! That is a featured Instructable! Well done!

I do not have a project in process to display, so Yorick is displaying my postcard for all to enjoy!

Happy Halloween to all!



Ah, good ol' Yorick. A fellow of infinite jest!

It's a Hobart 140.

Do you weld? My oldest son is probably close to your age, and I'm excited to teach him to weld. It's a great skill to have!

you betcha! I volunteer at a local museum and someone there teaches a welding class at a trade school so he taught my brothers and I MIG,TIG, and stick

Very cool, I'm a little jealous!

I'm new to it all, basically, but it's been so much fun to learn. MIG is a great starting point.


it is! after learning stick: arc length, travel angle, work angle, and speed MIG was a relief. I'm curious what your welding area looks like; mine is a bunch of cinder blocks and concrete board forming a little "room"

It's just my garage. I'll have some instructables coming soon that will show off my setup, though :)

Youse guys, I picked this up at a sale a couple of years back. I still haven't unboxed it because I am working on upgrading the power in the house. Didn't want to even test plug that thing in to play with it, but you know how that goes.


cool! I welded with one of those a while back; flux core is kinda cool and the wire felt thin.