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Hallowe'en turns educational - free masks to download. Answered

Feel like mixing Hallowe'en fun and science?

There's a new website about the five kingdoms of life, with a Hallowe'en theme and masks you can download and make. There's a bat, bacteria, fungi, a pumpkin and more on the way.

You can imagine the doorstep scene:

"And what have you come as, Billy?"

Oh, I'm a Basidiomycota, Mrs Ponderosa, a genus of club-fungus that includes both edible and highly toxic species.


Sorry, I didn't mean for for my other post to sound mocking in any way.

Goodhart - stop being so paranoid!

. ROFLMAO You're wasting your "breath" - he's too nice for his own good. Oh well, I guess that's better than being a Grumpy Old Man, such as I. ;)

Hmm, my wife thinks I am a grump....must be a cause and effect thing there somewhere..... LOL

. I think I out-grump ya. If we're ever in an Odd Couple situation, I get to be Oscar. :)
. For those too young to remember - The Odd Couple

Oh yes, the movie(s) were funny, but they just weren't likeThe Odd Couple TV shows...

Ok, so I am a bit like Felix (not as tidy though LOL) Now where is my sinus medicine.....

. Klugman did a great job, and I enjoyed the show, but Matthau will always be THE Oscar to me. Kinda of like how Johnny Weissmuller comes to mind when someone mentions Tarzan.

Yeah Walter Matthau was the perfect, lovable curmudgeon. :-) I just happen to like the TV show's Felix better :-)

Tis hard for this leopard to change his spots, but I have been trying.....it is a slow process, unlearning 45 years of habit :-)

Yes, I can hear the little imps now: I am a Spirochaetes, a few of them cause serious diseases in humans. Syphilis and Lyme Disease, both caused by spirochaetes, can be deadly if not treated.